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Heals Clinic

Heals Clinic is the first general practitioner clinic set up in Singapore. Conveniently located in the Tanjong Pagar conservation area, along a row of beautiful shophouses, this allows patients to gain easy access to GP consultations, vaccinations and health screening services.  We have a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to provide customised care plans for patients with various health needs. 


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Our online-care is designed to complement our offline health services at Heals Clinic. Especially for low-risk or chronic diseases, patients can choose teleconsultations to take advantage of its convenience and cost efficiency. 


At Heals Clinic, patients get a dedicated medical concierge team who can help facilitate any health needs of the patient before or after consultation. 


Patients who need extra care and attention care also seamlessly transition from an online consultation to an in-person visit where necessary. We also provide a range of home-based services that include medical help and care to allow recovery at home. 

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Heals Healthcare

Heals Healthcare (Asia) is headquartered in Hong Kong, where the company hold a dominant position as the leading CMS provider, serving a clientele of over 15,000 subscribers. In addition to CMS solutions, Heals Healthcare plays a significant role in the healthcare services sector across the expansive South East Asia region. Heals is pleased to feature its clinics and telemedicine partner, MyDoc, as integral subsidiaries within the  Heals group of companies.

Heals Healthcare
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